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Thanks for stopping by! I'm illustrator and artist, Joe Hox. If you enjoy my work, you can see more if it, as well as behind-the-scenes in my studio by following me on social media. Or if you're looking to put something on your walls, just click on over to my Etsy shop.

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My wife, Kate Hox is my chief collaborator. Aside from helping me run my studio, she is a writer.  We loved collaborating on the family devotional, "Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family" and we're working on more projects like that. You can find her work here:

Our Books

Click on a book and it'll take you through a magical affiliate link to a place where this book is sold. 


The Watership Down Graphic Novel
(Joe worked as colorist on this one.)

Who Is Jesus? 
(Joe and Kate's First Collab)

The Good News for Little
Hearts Book Series

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Mooses With Bazookas

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