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Hox Notes Live Gallery

Hey, kids!  Now is a sure a strange time, with us all stuck in our homes, isn't it?  It's sad to not go to school or to be able to play with our friends, but there are a lot of fun things to do inside, like drawing!  You can join me every Tuesday and Thursday during this quarantine at 2pm(CST) on Facebook to draw together.   (I've been leaving the videos up for a while too in case you can't tune in during the live video.)

To see HOX NOTES LIVE, visit my Facebook page: 

or check out the archived episodes down farther down this page.

Here's a sampling of what we've drawn so far...

Buster the Bunny (from Buster's Ears Trip Him Up), a tiger, a pirate, a dolphin, a dragon, and kookaburra, and more!

I get some of my ideas from you, so tell me what you want to draw!  And if you want your drawing to appear on this page, tag me on Facebook or comment, and tell me you want it up here.  I'll do my best to keep up!

Hope to see you soon!  Remember, God is in control, and he loves you very much!  And keep drawing!

Hox Notes Live Archive